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No more Restaurant!

Thanks to the lack of skilled cooks in our area we have been forced to sell and move on.

We have been in this industry for over 30 years, The Kitchen Portsmouth (still alive and kicking!) started in May of 2011, The Kitchen Andover, then The Kitchen Warner has been rockin' for 5 years.

We have made lots of friends won lots of great awards and accolades, but its time to move on and focus on the catering company more.

I wish I could say its been fun, but the years after the pandemic kicked our ass, we were very busy, but we can't be open 4 days a week, pay the bills and keep the demand fulfilled.

If you click the newsletter link above, give us your email, we will let you know when we are planning cool dinners, bbq's, fundraisers, information on the non-profit we are working on for feeding hungry school kids

and if you need catering.......we're here!


Thank you and cheers!

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